Entry: It's a small world, it sure is Thursday, July 15, 2010

So, I just discovered that my most favoritest preferentially all time number one cartoonist, Bill Watterson, author, artist and philosopher extraordinaireand creator of the "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon, is from "Chagrin Falls", a name which I recognized upon sight, as being very close to one of the places I know by heart (memory, soul and spirit), Chesterland.
I'm pretty sure, as a teenager, I went to see more than a few of my Uncles' away softball games there, as well as having more than a few construction jobs that way out, which was one of the "nice areas" where we'd do concrete pool decks, and such...

They were the only cartoon books I think I own, to be honest... except maybe for an old 1960s Dennis the Menace I scraped up out of an old garage sale basket out of nostalgia.
But the C&H books I actually asked for as special occasion gifts (b-day or Christmas, who remembers now...) but something that I have treasured and re-enjoyed throughout the years...

The only bad part is all those little Disney characters singing background right now in my subconscious...


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