Entry: Just for "Starters" Sunday, July 11, 2010

So we're sitting there in bed, not ready to get up, and the Lil'One comes out with "Daddy, what's the 9163 for?"

Since we we had just been reading the electronic alarm clock, where the digital squared off "0" (to be honest, the cross-stick in the middle is always a tiny bit visible) got confused with an "8", leading to it being 9:87 in the morning, it takes me a minute to realize she's talking about the numbers on the commemorative "Illinois license plate" with a photo of "The One" on one side and PBO down the other which wife purchased just after the election during the craze of "memorabilia" that was sold here at the news stands, and which is still proudly displayed above her dresser.

...that's just a number for the license plate
"e cos' un 'license plate' Daddy?" (what is a license plate?)
...it's the "targa" that they put on the back of a car, so everyone has a different number, it's just a number, it doesn't mean anything special

"And what does 'PBO' spell Daddy?"
... no, that is President Barack Obama... PPP...resident   BBB...arack   OOO...bama
"Ah...(oh the thrills of young enlightenment!), sono iniziali... (they're initials) come B per Banana, e O per Oca (Goose)"

Sometimes you just have to have Faith that they will learn the right lessons in life, and smile when you realize they are managing well on their own...


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