Entry: If you're happy and you know it ... clap your *** cheeks tight... Thursday, July 08, 2010

from: http://chicagobreakingbusiness.com/2010/07/mcdonalds-ceo-stands-up-for-happy-meal-toys.html

"McDonald's defended its Happy Meals on Wednesday against claims by a consumer advocacy group, with McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner saying that "Happy Meals are a fun treat, with right-sized, quality food choices."

Skinner's letter addressing this issue comes a week after the Center for Science in the Public Interest sent a letter to McDonald's threatening to sue if the company didn't stop using toys to market Happy Meals to young children.

"By advertising that Happy Meals include toys, McDonald's unfairly and deceptively markets directly to children," the letter stated."

So I am wondering... ???
would it be considered more fair, were McDonalds to market directly to adults?
So all those Saturday morning cartoons and related breakfast cereals... where do I get my refund, now that I have a cavity I need filled?

And when will they get around to suing "Kinder" for their chocolate surprise filled eggs? Since there is no guarantee what is inside the egg, maybe they can get them on Vice charges as well for gambling with the children's hopes and expectations?


Francesca Maggi
July 10, 2010   08:40 AM PDT
...They already DID sue Kinder -- MARS et.al. teamed up against it when it decided to go into the U.S. market - because of the little toys - & choking issues! (might be some truth to that...those little pieces are outrageous).

So there you are.


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