Entry: "Swiss voters reject giving abused animals a lawyer" Tuesday, March 09, 2010


And I say "Bravo!".
Not because I don't like animals, I have loved many a pet over the years.
Not because I am some sort of Hannibal animal torturer.
But because what they were proposing doesn't really make any sense.

Because if what they say it will cost is true, there is no reason that this should be a bureaucratized governmental position at all. Particularly considering that if something is done by the private sector, it almost always is done better, at greatly decreased costs.
And even if privately it would be a 1sfr/person cost, that means if they get an average of 10sfr from just 10% of the people, or an average of 50 from 2% (and the median could be reduced immensely by finding a couple of decent corporate sponsors like Purina).


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