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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
AGW and the rest of the nut jobs

Sometimes, there are nut jobs and then there are really nut jobs. AGW (you know, I admit I just don't know what the first A really stands for?) is one of those really ones. I can understand being for saving energy (after all, energy costs a lot, no matter what you do to generate the energy). And I can understand being in favor of energy efficient methods of generating and using energy. But claiming that CO2 is evil just goes over the limit: how can all those poor plants all over the planet eat if all their chlorophyll filled cells can't get enough atoms to convert into energy? And i can't understand the people against nuclear energy. After all, all energy is just conversion of some kind of nucleus+electrons to some other kind, so why worry if it is radioactive or carbon based, as long as it is really controllable? And I don't consider anything in the ex-USSR as any sort of valid control... much less when it was a "control" in the 80s. If anything, I would consider it a warning against the current direction of the government controls, rather than against the energy policies...

Posted at 12:25 am by OldJacques

Francesca Maggi
February 21, 2010   08:37 PM PST
Ahhh....Italian form over function at work once again!

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