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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Some Real "HOPE" for a "CHANGE"

Well, the news is out. Ted Kennedy wasn't strong enough to keep his seat from beyond the grave, though many thought his ghost and legacy would stay there in eternity and manage to guide Massachusetts. Let us hope, for his sake too, that it is a sign that he is resting in peace.

And while it probably will be, and rightly should be debated as to whether Brown actually won the election or whether his Democratic opponent just fumbled it away and lost it, there is now true hope that the change which it seems great numbers, even a majority, of Americans don't want (at least not in the form the politicians are currently trying to use) pushed down their throats, and rammed through in record time, will not come to pass prematurely before it can actually come to light in all of its minute, politically crammed details. Health care can definitely be improved, but forcing a single system that is stuffed full of special tokens and more exceptions than rules, discussed in backroom deal halls instead of in the open daylight is definitely not the way to do it.

And do note that the honeymoon is now officially over, to the day. Obama has stuck his neck out twice in very big ways (Chi2016 and his last minute ditch for Coakley this past Monday) and both times it has come around like a boomerang to hit him when and where he didn't expect it. Time to forget about inauguration parties, vacations, romantic Valentine's dinners with the wife in Chicago, kegger parties on the White House lawn (well, maybe it was more like widely televised beers amongst "friends"), and roll up those sleeves, re-watch the videos of the campaign trail, and get back to what was actually promised, such as transparency and honesty and efficiency.

The only real fear is that this is some astute Rocky move by the Dems as in just getting really mad. But the only thing that this Potus seems to have in common with a Rocky Balboa is the thug mentality.

Posted at 06:55 am by OldJacques

Francesca Maggi
February 22, 2010   11:47 AM PST
p.s. I'd love to post this as a guest entry on my blog...
January 20, 2010   06:24 PM PST
Oh, THANK GOD somebody noticed, as you have done!!!!!

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